3 Way Kitchen Mixer Tap Faucet Hot/Cold/Filtered Water

Designer 3 Way Side Lever Mixer Hot/Cold/Filtered Water Kitchen Tap/Faucet, No more seperate water filter tap! Tri-flow Kitchen Faucet with separate drinking water tap. Start from USD40.00!!!

Tri-Flow 3 Lines Kitchen Tap Faucet picture

Tri-Flow 3 Way Kitchen Faucet with drinking water Tap

Perfect attachment for your reverse osmosis or under sink water filter system.
Designer all in one 3 Way Side Lever Mixer Chrome Plated.
Hot, Cold & Pure (Filtered) Water.
Eliminates the need for a sepreate tap for filtered water.
Comes in Chrome Finish


Comes with 3 x Braided Stainless Hoses
Dimensions: 33 H x 25 W cm
Requires: 35mm Hole.
5 Year Warranty

Comes Brand New in Box Complete with all hoses & attachments Ready to Install
No more seperate water filter tap!!!!

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  1. Hi,

    I’m interested in buying one of these faucets. Are you willing to ship one to Australia?

  2. M. Drew says:

    How can I purchase the 3 way faucet with the pull out spray?

    Thank you!

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