Keep Your Kitchen Fresh With Kitchen Curtains

Keep Your Kitchen Fresh With Kitchen Curtains! If you want to your kitchen to look great all year round including holidays then changing your kitchen curtains fabrics is a good idea. When you change the fabric from time to time you will make your kitchen look fresh all year round. And always remember that when people visit you and they enter your kitchen one of the very first things they’ll look at is your curtains. If they look good they will compliment you but if they don’t then they’ll most likely keep quiet.

There are many ways to improve the look of your kitchen and one of the best ways to do is by using kitchen curtain that match your tablecloth. One of the most popular styles by far is Gingham. It is a plaid pattern and comes in many colors with white being one color and the second color could be red, yellow blue or green. There are certainly many more colors to choose from but those are some of the most popular. The interesting part is what kind of kitchen curtain do you want. There are many patterns and styles and if you want something simple then a nice valance might be enough. But if you want something that will window dress your entire kitchen window then a country kitchen style might be a good the style you want.

Kitchen Curtains Designs

You decided on how much you want spend now it’s time to decide on the design you want. There are several options to choose from and below is a brief summary of each design. I will elaborate on each design individually in separate posts.

Valance: Is a one piece curtain that is installed on top of the window.

Tier: One piece curtain that runs horizontally across the window.

Valance and Tier: This includes two pieces, the valance that goes on top of the window and the tier which hangs midway on the kitchen window. The tier is sometimes called a privacy curtain by some people.

Valance Swag: Is essentially a valance that has the fabric running down on the sides of the window.

These designs are highly customizable, a good example would be the tier curtain. You can use this particular to cover half your curtain or an entire window.

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