Know About Kitchen Faucet Styles, Materials & Design Trends

Kitchen faucets can be defined as valves that control the flow of water from an outlet in the kitchen. Learn more about Kitchen Faucet Styles, Materials & Design Trends. There are cold and hot water faucets and some also come with the facility to spray.

The faucet is available in a variety of stylized designs that can literally change the way your kitchen looks. From the basic designs to the beautifully sleek modern styles, there are almost limitless options to choose from to match your kitchen style, the appliances you have and your kitchen sink.

Today, the preference is for kitchen faucets that are easiest to install and offer a clean look. Pull out faucets or extendable faucets that can fill a pot even as it sits on a burner are a common choice. Arched spouts with a pause function that make it easy to fill and clean large pots are popular.

Manufacturers of kitchen faucets are constantly extending their product lines to suit the market requirement and this is to the customers benefit. Customers enjoy experimenting with different colored finishes and materials so that it can match and complement the rest of their kitchen decor.

Styles, Materials And Trends

The latest trend is to look at the design of your kitchen faucet in a way that makes it a major point of attraction. Apart from the usual features and finishes, the latest trend in kitchen faucets is to do with functionality and looks.

Kitchen faucets are leaning towards minimalist designs without the frills for a clean trendy look. Also, the latest ones are generously sized and taller, making them the center of attraction.

Of course, the final choice is in the hands of the customer, depending on whether they prefer the conventional kitchen faucets or want to keep up with the latest trends. According to manufacturers like Elkay, the preference is for simple symmetrical designs. People often like the look of stainless steel combined with the conventional look, along with nickel and stainless steel faucets. The leaning is more towards customization now since many manufacturers will allow you to create your own design after you choose the handles and spout.

A majority of people seems to prefer the single lever kitchen faucets that come with pull out sprayers, especially with brass faucets that have two handles in the conventional cross design.

In terms of finish, brushed stainless steel and satin nickel are popular, as they do not show fingerprints and watermarks.

Finally, the choice is for kitchen faucets that match the rest of the appliances in the kitchen keeping ease of use, multipurpose and minimum maintenance. Soon, we will also see electronics in kitchen faucets, since kitchen faucets are not just confined to the kitchen, with people installing mini sinks in their bedrooms and outdoor kitchens as well.

In fact, design magazines feel that your kitchen faucet could well be the deciding factor in the sale of a home, since it is the most important faucet on the property.

Ideas / designs

When you choose your kitchen faucets, you must consider a few criteria, namely finish, the height and reach of the spout, handles and mounting.

Then come the various accessories.

You get the single handle and two-handle options for your kitchen faucet and there is a huge choice of handles to select from. Mounting will depend on your specific installation and existing design. Kitchen faucets can also be deck mounted or wall mounted.

The next factor in kitchen faucets is height and reach of the spout. Spouts can be straight and short to long, arched and high spouts. You also get pull out spouts that you can use when you want to wash odd dishes. Pot fillers are another option when you need to fill large pots standing near the sink.

The choice of finish available for kitchen faucets ranges from bronze, nickel, brass, stainless steel, chrome, pearl, copper, etc. These are brushed, rubbed, and blackened or polished so that you can choose the one that matches your kitchen.

At the time of installing, depending on the design you choose, to match your kitchen faucets you can opt for accessories like side sprayers, soap dispensers, hot and cold water dispensers. A variety of contemporary designs are available that look very appealing.

When it comes to remodeling, quite a few people go for bridge style faucets for that timeless look. These appear like the letter H, have two handles and one faucet in the middle, and are suitable for large sinks.

Manufacturers like Moen offer a host of features like pause, regular spray and rinse, a rinse for vegetables and hands-free functions.


According to the design experts, kitchen faucets must be decided based on the kitchen’s style, the appliances installed and the hardware. Chrome and stainless steel receive the highest ratings in finish. Of late, brushed stainless steel and satin nickel are also picking up in popularity. In terms of features, it all really comes back to what your requirements are, based on which you would make your choice.

Manufacturers / brands

Moen, Kohler, American Standard, Danze, Elkay, Jado, Franke, Villeroy & Boch, Gerber, Delta, Brasstech, Grohe, KitchenAid, Hansgrohe, Brizo, Price Pfister and MGS are some of the big names in kitchen faucet manufactures. Between them, there is a massive choice in features, finish and material and with customization available, there is a design and style to suit any preference.

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