Selecting High-end Kitchen Faucets from Sanliv

A kitchen faucet is as important as the sink in which it will be used. So it is vital that at the time of purchase you shop around and study the possibilities so that you decide on the ideal faucet for your kitchen. The type of faucet that you need depends on the type of kitchen sink that you already own and the needs of your daily routine. For example the equation is simple in most cases; smaller and practical faucets work best with sinks with two basins or less and larger, more industrial faucets are ideal for sinks with three basins or even those very deep, industrial sinks with one basin.

Whatever is your final selection you will see that by selecting a kitchen faucet from Sanliv you will always get it right, as our experts have gone out of their ways to make sure that you install a faucet with the highest quality standards set by the industry. For example, some of our faucets come with built-in filter systems that will help purify the water that you consume. Others come with sprayer heads, to allow for better management of water pressure and letting you soak for items with less effort, and then we have pull-out faucets that retract from the base to reach into even farther places of your kitchen.

Experts recommend that the finish of your faucet should match with the rest of the kitchen appliances and above all, your kitchen sink. So, we also have three basic finishes that have, over the years, become the most popular ones in our catalog because they offer the best solutions for matching your kitchen exactly the way our customers want.

For example, chrome faucets offer a great polished silver finish that is so versatile that it will work with any countertop material, be it stone or wood. For this faucet type it is recommended a similar shinny stainless steel kitchen sink. Then we have the brushed chrome faucets, which are similar to the chrome finish but with a matte style. These offer a more subtle option for most kitchen designs. And finally we have those made of stainless steel and satin nickel, which offer you the best of both worlds, as they are not only functional in every aspect of the word but are easy to maintain. The use of the stainless steel on these faucets is no coincidence as it is done to aid you in the process of pairing successfully with a great stainless steel kitchen sink.

Remember, before selecting one of these high-end kitchen faucets, make sure to get your kitchen sink configurations correct. Our in-house experts recommend that for long faucets, the spout should reach at least to the center of the basin and not be too long that water will always end up everywhere else but in your sink. If you are installing a tall kitchen faucet, pair it with a deep sink. Other than that, browsing our catalog will give you a great opportunity to learn more about the best models of faucets available in the market.

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