Beautiful Triflow Kitchen Faucet with Reverse Osmosis Systems


Most reasons of why consumers choose reverse osmosis systems as home water purification units are because the RO membrane can filter off heavy metals such as Arsenic, cadmium, lead, chromium, zinc, copper, etc. People place importance on the filter cartridges and RO membranes when choosing reverse osmosis water purification units. However, there’s one more important […]

3 Way Kitchen Mixer Tap Faucet Hot/Cold/Filtered Water

Tri-Flow 3 Lines Kitchen Tap Faucet picture

Designer 3 Way Side Lever Mixer Hot/Cold/Filtered Water Kitchen Tap/Faucet, No more seperate water filter tap! Tri-flow Kitchen Faucet with separate drinking water tap. Start from USD40.00!!! Perfect attachment for your reverse osmosis or under sink water filter system. Designer all in one 3 Way Side Lever Mixer Chrome Plated. SOLID BRASS CHROME PLATED Hot, […]