Today’s Stylish Kitchen Sinks and Faucets Trends

Kitchen Sinks and Faucets In today’s trends there are many styles and colors. Over the past few years, consumer desires for more economic and environmentally friendly options for their homes have greatly impacted kitchen sink remodeling trends. As consumers have become more budget conscious, the styles that they choose have changed dramatically. Many consumers are also concerned about incorporating the various environmentally-friendly solutions available when remodeling their kitchen sink, as many are looking to minimize their environmental impact while still saving money.

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Large, single bowl sinks are a popular new trend in the kitchen. These sinks are very useful for rinsing and washing, and are particularly helpful when working with large pots and pans. Often the primary kitchen sink is accompanied by a second sink. If the primary sink is in the island, then there might be a smaller vegetable sink in a separate prep area. Having the sink on the island where the cook-top is can be very beneficial. This placement reduces the possibility of dripping when moving back and forth between the cook-top and the sink.

The current trend for materials in kitchen sinks reflects the budget conscious attitude of modern consumers. Stainless steel has the look and feel that consumers want, but it amplifies sounds that come from running water in the sink or from dishes being moved around. Manufacturers have addressed this issue by building stainless steel sinks with thicker material and also by adding sound deadening material to the underside of the sink. These advances have kept the stainless steel sink as a top choice for those remodeling their kitchens.

Enamel-coated, cast iron sinks are being included in more and more kitchens today than they were even just a few years ago. These sinks are a good fit stylistically in just about any kitchen and are very durable. Because they are coated, they are a little more susceptible to chipping, but the timeless aesthetic quality that they bring to a kitchen is often worth it.
Some consumers have begun to use glass sinks in their kitchens. One of the greatest benefits of glass sinks is that they are made from recycled materials and they can be created in a variety of colors.

In recent years, single control faucets have become the most popular style of faucet in the kitchen. When remodeling, consumers have found that they prefer having the convenience of using one hand to adjust the water flow and temperature. When a single control faucet is combined with a pull out faucet, consumers find that they have a very functional and stylish faucet.

Consumers usually choose the finish for their kitchen sink faucets by matching or complementing the hardware on their cabinets. Because of this, the most popular finishes today are stainless steel, satin nickel and brushed nickel. Fortunately, these finishes are timeless and very durable.

Water conservation is an important factor to consider when remodeling with the environment in mind. The faucets that are manufactured today restrict water flow, thus minimizing the amount of water used, but new techniques for aeration have allowed the manufacturers to improve the force of the water even while reducing the amount of water.

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