Top Kitchen Faucet Design Types and Finishes Reviews

Kitchen faucets are not only used for despensing water but for cleaning vegetables and sinks properly also. Top review tips on Kitchen Faucet Designs, Types and Finishes. Kitchen faucets are stylish, practical and are used for washing hands and kitchen utensils. They are multifunctional elements in the kitchen. Kitchen faucet distribute hot and cold water. The faucets are available in different designs and styles and give a new look to the kitchen. It is a very daunting task to choose appropriate faucets for kitchen.

However the following are some ways to go through the selection.

Kitchen Faucets Designs

There are different designs of kitchen faucets such as: single handle, two handle or pull-out sprays faucets. It depends on sinks that which type of faucet’s design to opt for kitchen. If you have a big sink, opt for two handle faucets.Cross shaped handle designs are popular these days as they are functional and give a unique and stylish look to the kitchen.

  • Single handle kitchen faucets

    Only one handle or single lever to control water flow and temperature easily and quickly. Find Sanliv one handle kitchen sink faucet picture as below:
    single handle kitchen faucet picture

  • Pull out spray kitchen faucets:

    Pull out spray kitchen faucets is one of the most important elements as it is used for washing vegetables and for cleaning the sink. These faucets spray water at a maximum pressure and wash dirt from inside of vegetables and sink.
    Pull out spray kitchen faucet picture

  • Double handle kitchen faucets

    Two levers are needed for the flow of water. One faucet handle gives out hot water while the other gives out cold water.

    Double handle kitchen faucets picture

Types of Kitchen Faucets

Various types of faucet are:  ball kitchen faucets, cartridge kitchen faucet, disk kitchen faucets, wall mount kitchen faucets and mixer kitchen faucets. It is important for you to know the function of each of kitchen faucets. Then it’s easy to determine which one will best work in your kitchen.

  • Ball kitchen faucets

    Ball kitchen faucets are very common and the first type of washer less faucet for kitchen. The plastic ball has chambers inside faucet and controls the flow of water. ball kitchen faucet moves over a ball shaped cap above the base of faucet space.

  • Disc kitchen faucets

    Disc kitchen faucets are modern kitchen faucets. They are reliable, of very good quality and have a single handle and two discs.  The discs slide over each other to control the flow of water.

  • Cartridge kitchen faucet

    Cartridge kitchen faucets have a single handle which moves up and down to adjust water and move left or right to adjust the temperature of water.

  • Mixer kitchen faucets

    Mixer kitchen faucets are available in different colors and dispense hot or cold water but also moderate water( mixing hot and cold water)

  • Wall mount kitchen faucets:

  • These faucets are installed on wall. A wall mount kitchen faucet creates a very unique look to the kitchen and also allows for increased height and positioning on the wall . This permits for filling larger sinks with bigger items. They come in a variety of styles and finishes to fit the personality of the consumer and the mood of the kitchen.

    Wall mount kitchen faucets are an excellent choice for those who want something with a little dazzle that doesn’t look like every other faucet on the market. They provide a high end look to your kitchen without the high end price.

    Wall Mount Kitchen Faucet picture

Kitchen Faucet Finishes:

There are different types of kitchen faucets finish such as: chrome, brass, copper and nickel etc. But the most important finish is chrome finish. It is very expensive and is available with warranty. That’s why lots of home maker prefer this finish. You can also opt for colorful enamel coating finish but they are more expensive and more susceptible to chipping and scratches.

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