Top Reasons to Choose Wall Mounted Kitchen Faucets

A kitchen faucet is such an important fixture in your kitchen, you should consider installing a wall mount kitchen faucet to add to the appeal and functionality. If you are remodeling or building a completely new kitchen, you should be able to find a wall mount faucet that fits perfectly.

Not only are they incredibly functional, but they are very attractive. Most people install a wall mount faucet because they have a modern and minimal look to them. They come in several different types of finishes, such as brushed steel, brass, or even a nickel. You might also find that a copper model will fit well in your kitchen.

Two Handle Wall Mounted Faucet Picture

Wall mount kitchen faucets will also save a lot of counter space. Since many of us are concerned about having enough kitchen counter space to prepare our food, you can easily save some space by using a wall mount system. Plus, you will not have to worry about constantly keeping the control knobs clean. Since they will be elevated higher than normal faucets, they will not get nearly is dirty.

Wall Mount Kitchen Faucets are mounted on the wall over the kitchen sink or over the stove. The mounting option chosen depends upon personal preferences based upon price, design, style, and functionality.

Wall Mount Kitchen Faucets come in a wide variety of styles and finishes ranging from the latest contemporary styles to vintage designs appropriate for an antique style kitchen.

Over The Sink Faucets

Most wall mount kitchen faucets are mounted on a wall or back splash behind the kitchen sink. These faucets are functional yet stylish fixtures that are a good choice for kitchens with limited counter top area. Wall mounted faucets require that the plumbing extend above the countertop in the wall. Because these faucets are attached to the wall over the sink and not directly to the sink itself, there is increased height which is ideal for filling larger pots and pans.

Over The Stove Faucets

A recent trend is to put the faucet on the wall directly over the stove. An over-the-stove wall mount kitchen faucet allows the cook to fill large vessels with water without having to carry them a distance across the kitchen. Over-the-stove faucets require that plumbing be installed behind or next to the stove. The faucet needs to be mounted high enough to clear the tallest pot. Most over-the-stove wall mount faucets are placed about 20″ to 24″ above the burners.

Choose an over-the-stove wall mount kitchen faucet with dual valves. Faucets with dual valves have a valve handle at the wall and a handle at the spout. The second valve provides an extra measure of convenience and safety. In the event of a leak this valve allows you to turn off the water supply. It also eliminates

the need to reach over a hot stove to turn off the water.

Major Brands

There are a number of manu

facturers of wall mount kitchen faucets. Some manufacturers such as Price Pfister, Delta, and Elements of Design specialize in inexpensive faucets designed for the budget conscious consumer. Other manufacturers such as Herbeau and Kohler feature high-end premium and designer faucets.


Prices vary greatly, ranging from about $20 for a basic inexpensive faucet, to $2,500 or more for premium and designer faucets. Popular brands include American Standard, Belle Foret, Danz, Delta, Elements of Design, Herbeau, Kingston Brass, Kohler, Moen, Newport, and Price Pfister to name a few.

Where To Buy

A good place to start your search for a wall mount kitchen faucet is on this site, where you’ll find a large selection of fixtures fulfilled by our retail partner, We’re sure you’ll find quality brand name faucet that fits your needs, design preferences, and budget.

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